ASSOCIATION OF FIL-AM TEACHERS OF AMERICA, INC.  - 26 years of education and community service
Calling Fil-Am Teachers!!

Please join our
BALIKTURO 2015 Delegation
Return to Teach Missionary Project by AFTA 
(Since 1993)

Are you going to the Philippines for vacation this summer?
Do you want to make your vacation more fulfilling?
Conduct a seminar or workshop on the latest in teaching technologies!
Share your experiences with your teachers in the Philippines!

Important Dates!
June 30, 2015:  Submission Deadline
July 5, 2015: Announcement - Name of Presenter/Title of Seminar or Workshop

Submit your seminar or workshop presentation to
For questions, please call 914-439-4648 or email to above address

For more information about BALIKTURO, please click link on the left menu bar


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